All's Well Catering



Served with juice & Coffee

Early Morning Breakfast casserole

·        Choice of sausage, ham, bacon, vegetarian or Fruited French Toast

·        Breakfast Bread

·        Rainbow Fruit Salad


South of the Border Breakfast Taco’s

·        Choice of sausage, bacon, potato, bean

·        Fresh orange slices

·        Breakfast Bread


Simply Continental Breakfast

     Assorted muffins & pastries

·        Whole Fruit Basket

·        Yogurt cups

·        Cereal/Milk


Cereal Lovers Bar

·        2 types of cold cereal

·        2 types of hot cereal

·        Assorted berry/nut basket

·        Toast & Jelly


Pancake/ Waffle Bar(on site prep only)

·        Sausage or Bacon

·        Strawberries in syrup

·        Cinnamon apple slices


Country Sausage Biscuit & Gravy

·        Sliced Oranges

·        Yogurt Cups


Homestyle Scrambled Eggs

·        Choice of sausage, ham or bacon

·        Hash browns

·        Banana’s

·        Toast & jelly

Breakfast Fruits


Rainbow Fruit Salad

Assorted Melon Platter

Significant Strawberry Bowl

Available with a delectable dipping sauce


Crisp sliced Apples

Available with a creamy caramel dip


Whole Fresh Fruit of your choice


A Refreshing Half Grapefruit


Juicy Mixed Fruit Platter

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